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Ashcloud – Abandon All Light

ashcloud – abandon all light

Ashcloud is a two-men band that features in its ranks Johnny Pettersson (vocals,bass,guitars) from Sundsvall,Sweden and Gareth Nash (guitars) from Bristol,England. Those guys are not newcomers: mr.Pettersson’s death growls can be heard also in Human Harvest,Skineater and the oldschool Swedish warriors Wombbath while mr.Nash is active in the Bristolian deathers Body Harvest. Having this information at hand,it’s easy to guess Ashcloud is all about raw and dirty oldschool Swedish death metal. Between the intro and the outro (“Under dodens vingar” parts 1 and 2) there are six pieces of music influenced by Entombed, Grave, Dismember…The info sheet about “Abandon All Light” says that Ashcloud deliver crusty death metal but I cannot find much crust here. “Devoured Alive” is a slow and crushing track while on “Drowning in Your Own Blood” and “Watch Your Children Burn” the band goes full speed ahead. My personal favourites though are “The Second Wind is Coming” with its Entombed (“Left Hand Path” era) feeling and “A Hundred Years of Darkness” which somehow reminds me of the mighty Dissection. “Abandon All Light” is a tribute to the oldschool Swedish death metal – nothing more,nothing less. In case you are into that kind of stuff then Ashcloud is a band that you should check out! (Zvetan)