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Avulsed – Revenant Wars [EP]

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After releasing their latest full length “Ritual Zombi” (which got good reviews, hell…even by Fredde, ha!), they had some time to record a 7” as well for newcomers Unholy Prophecies. Nothing wrong with their attitude by the way as the label is to support Unholy Metal to the bone. Nothing more, nothing less. Opening track “Revenant Wars” is unmistakably Avulsed as it has a good variation of plain brutal Old School Death Metal, some melodies, groovy rhythms and the trademark of Mr. Rotten himself; the guttural low growl. It seems Rogga Johansson wrote the lyrics…probably he had some free time left, which is a disturbing thought to be honest. The second track of this 7” is a cover of “Sentenced to Death”, once recorded by the mighty Nihilist (a band which Dave Rotten refers to a couple of times in his metalcareer…just think of his first label; Drowned Productions). A well-executed cover which was a tribute during the 3 shows Avulsed did with Entombed. And don’t forget the great artwork by Mark Riddick. Once again a straight hit! (Ricardo)