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Oxygen Destroyer – Sinister Monstrosities Spawned By The Unfathomable Ignorance of Humankind

oxygen destroyer – sinister monstrosities spawned by the unfathomable ignorance of humankind

Plenty of metal bands that ride on the Lovecraftian Cthulhu train, demonic entities that lurk in some underground dwelling doing some occult type shit, as well as deranged murderous figures accompanied with tawdry horror samples, but we’re rarely graced with bands honing towards notorious Kaiju.

Taking their name from a weapon used to kill Godzilla, Seattle based quartet Oxygen Destroyer, discloses 2nd LP, ameliorating previous 2018 full length by landslide with lineup change of new bassist, polishing their production quality, & improving songwriting.

Utmost calamitous album cover done by Sebastian Mazuera, a tumultuous ruckus between these monstrous figures, recklessly demolishing the cityscape, subtle detail of the “giant claw” descending from the bleak skies adds a nice touch.

Forming eight tracks with span of nearly 30 minutes, resonates a nostalgic Death Thrash phase I went through in high school, don’t judge. Admire that they strategically incorporated samples on the odd number tracks, audio ranging from Japanese/US/UK titan films to emphasize their thematic subject.

Intro “Merciless Embodiment of Everlasting Death”, straightforward schizoid percussion blasting after first :30, Lord Kaiju initiating those blustering hoarse snarls akin to Pat Lind or Mem Von Stein. Although the drumwork is the highlighted section throughout this release, there is unity depicted with the structures, notable on “Possessing The Putrified Remnants of The Unholy God Incarnate”, every member protrudes their significance & musical skill without being washed out or excessive. Another highlight of this ferocious offering are the luminous striking swift solos, favored in teaser “Slaughtering The Guardian Monsters”, “Enduring The Maternal Rage of The Amphibious Monstrosity” & their extensive frenetic closer “Their Reign Has Begun”.

If you dig metal & Kaiju, this is the album for you! (Tori Belle)