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Deceitome – Flux of Ruin [EP]

deceitome – flux of ruin [ep]

I was fourteen years old back in 1990. Got drunk after two beers, was already a smoker for two years. But I’ll never forget that sensation when I discovered Carnage, Traumatic, Grave, Entombed and Dismember. That fierce tickling in my young and unused testicles, goosebumps in my neck, produced by that raw, unpolished feel Thomas Skogsberg introduced by giving these bands his buzz saw sound that his illustrious Sunlight Studio is so notorious for.

Deceitome isn’t Swedish, they are born in Estonia and these guys play top notch Death Metal. “Flux of ruin” grabs me by the throat yet soothes me like a warm blanket in a dead cold winter night. The aggressiveness, rawness and unpolished honesty throws me back thirty years. A big salute to Redefining Darkness Records for signing up this young and skilled guys and putting me in this nostalgic mood.

“Flux of ruin” is a Death Metal explosion. Tight and crusty. Pulling me headfirst in its decadent cadence. “Miasthmatic Breed” promptly draws my attention by the unwieldy groove it produces, it slows down but then shifts into higher gear with natural ease, until this stifling sample brings this track to an exxxtremely high level. Closing track “Deceitome” has some fluent melodic leads buried deep down into the growling and riffing, it only increases the contrast between their musicality and brute force.

Throughout this five track EP the band pays homage to the glorious nineties in a respectful and intelligent way, using a modern sound. Displaying all their skills, putting in heart and soul. (Franki_boj)