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Sculpted Horror – Festering Dead [Demo]

sculpted horror – festering dead [demo]

First Sculpted Horror from Athens, Georgia (USA) was called Chopping Mall, probably after the cheesy yet popular horror flick with the same name, where killer robots (with the dazzling “Killbots” as pet-name) go on a killer spree in a closed down mall. An exploding head seems to be the main thrill during the movie… But before the release of the first demo, Tim Rowland decided to change the name into Sculpted Horror Horror. He didn’t need a drunk meeting with band-members to decide this, as Sculpted Horror Horror is a one-man band. Isn’t that convenient? Unfortunately for me, as I can’t end my review with the Killbots phrase “Thank you…have a nice day”.

The Death Metal on this demo is combination of the Old School, mid-tempo riffs, pounding drums and a horrific growl which will please fans of both the US scene (Autopsy) as well as the Finnish one (Demigod) while closing instrumental track “Bonewalker” has a huge Obituary-vibe in the second part of the song as well. Although there is nothing special on this demo it is a definitely a good and enjoyable one. Thank you….have a nice day. (Ricardo)