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Rapture – Malevolent Demise Incarnation

rapture – malevolent demise incarnation


Athens Greece’s Rapture have been around and kicking our collective asses since 2012. Releasing a few lethal demos, a couple killer EP’s, taking part in a bad ass split album with Toxic Carnage and also two devastating full-lengths in that time. Well, make that three now (as of 2021), with ‘Malevolent Demise Incarnation’ here being that big number three. So what does this Death/Thrash Metal powerhouse have in store for album number three? Let’s talk about that.

As with everything Rapture has done throughout the years, the Thrash side of the Death/Thrash genre tag has always been the more dominant, prevalent part of the overall equation and with ‘Malevolent Demise Incarnation’ here that still holds true. Although, there is a pretty good amount more of the Death side on here then there has been in the past. The Thrash is still more up front but that higher percentage of Death is there. Yet, with the way Rapture write such killer/headbangable songs it does not really matter, Death/Thrash, Thrash, Death it all fucking slays.

Every aspect of Raprure is fantastic. From the varied and glorious rifftastic guitars to the jaw dropping solos they produce. Along with the stellar bass that either riffs right along or blast out in front in surprising but spectacularly dynamic fashion. Pair that bass with the pounding, blasting or stomping drums that always seem to have the right beat for the right moment without mindless blasting. To finally the fabulous and vaired vocals that always fit perfectly for the section in the song just so right.

The easiest comparison/equation I could come up with to describe what that slaying sound that Rapture sound like would have to be a mix of Kreator and Death. That goes for their overall sound, the high quality of songwriting, how fucking catchy these heavy tunes are, the exceptional musicianship and just how much it fucking slays.

So in the end it’s more of the same but with a little more Death. And I don’t say more of the same as a bad thing. For every thing that Rapture has touched is of the highest quality and really really fucking good. Always has been and always will be.

Rapture [GRE]

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