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Angerot – The Divine Apostate

angerot – the divine apostate


Do you have the feeling that the HM-2 sounds stagnated a bit? Do you think you know Entombed, Dismember, and the likes enough? Do you think the classics have been written and nothing can touch them? Maybe you are right, but perhaps I’ve got something for you.

Since 2017 Angerot from South Dakota are providing Death Metal, more towards the Swedish side, probably due to the guitar sound and overall feel but have American elements strongly present as well, and released their debut in 2018 with the title “The Splendid Iniquity”.

“The Divine Apostate” is now their second album and hell yes, modern produced Death Metal with tons of small elements that make you scream for more! You like Puteraeon? Sulphur Aeon? Wombbath? Bloodbath? Desolate Shrine? Or even Morbid Angel? Ok well, then check out Angerot!

The veterans amongst the band (also known for their work in Suffer and Byleth) know what they are capable of and go all in! The songwriting skills are immense, because Angerot are able to write songs that are catchy, brutal, melodic, fresh (thanks to some detailed work and elements that feel new) and interesting to listen to! The first track “Below the Deep and Dreamless Sleep” has got hit potential already and should be killer to witness live. Some eerie choirs and orchestrations here and there, hook lines to growl with and memorable riffs and moments are what sets them apart in the masses.

A track like “Coalesced With Wickedness” has a strong Morbid Angel and Bloodbath feeling, so dark, crushing sludgy until blasts burst and the operatic falsetto vocals kick in and let your jaws open! Wow! Morbid Angel meets Bloodbath (or just Bloodbath, because they got elements from Morbid Angel?) can be found on a track like “Counsel of the Ungodly”, Death Metal the way I like it!

The record has every element desired in terms of Death Metal and more! Variation, brutality, atmosphere, fresh ideas, killer melodic leads, killer vocals, great execution and catchiness. Don’t search ultra-tech or labyrinthine song structures here, but If you want some persuasive memorable Death Metal that still has a lot to offer then look no further! Inhale the riffs, bang your head to their grooves and worship Death Metal and Angerot! (DPF)

Redefining Darkness Records

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