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Bloodstrike – In Death we Rot

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I recently received the debut album from Denver based Death maniacs Bloodstrike called “In Death We Rot” which was released via Redifining Darkness Records. What these three guys and 2 ladies bring is a really killer work composed of 11 songs, 1 of them is a cover from Grave’s classic “Soulless”…so by now you should know what to expect…don’t you?. Yes Bloodstrike rejoices delivering a merciless form of mid tempo crunchy death metal pretty connected with Grave, especially their early era (Into The Grave/You’ll Never See)…but also I must highlight some thrash elements… after several times listening the whole album I can say that there are passages pretty connected with Destroyer 666…you know this kind of evil mid paced thrash where the rhythm guitar plays a base and over that riff or chord , the lead guitars appear doing harmonies or variation but in a high tone…end result…the combination of elements is exquisite and very well achieved. Another element I found really interesting were the vocals…these ones are given by Holly Wedel…one of the best female death metal vocalist I’ve heard…this lady shows knowledge in the use of different techniques…from lower growl chapters to higher tone blackened screams…everything combined perfectly to maintain not only the listener’s attention but the overall atmosphere of evilness that this record has. I liked every single song on this album, but if you ask me for my favorites I’d have to say…ALL…ha ha ha…the entire album is pure gold my friends, especially for those fans of death metal the way we knew it some years ago, when everything was made around a single concept…TO SOUND HEAVY AND EVIL…so…bottom line, this is in my humble opinion one of the best albums this year, and if you call yourself a death metal maniac, you certainly need this record because it shows five mature individuals (worshipers of death metal) with a clear vision on how to deliver to us, mere mortals…one sigle idea…IN DEATH WE ROT!!! (Master Butcher)


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