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Effigy [USA] – MCMXCII: Darkest Day [Demo]

effigy [usa] – mcmxcii: darkest day [demo]

In the grim evenings here in Kentucky way back in 1992 were a couple of homies that were connected by the extreme metal music scene. Like we all are just completely infatuated with the genre these dude’s decided to trade some actual music ideas and then it blossomed into a band. That band being Effigy. Shortly after some of the members went on to play in Abominant and Effigy dissolved into oblivion.

You can probably guess where I’m going with this unnecessary introduction. 2016 hits and Effigy wanted to give it another shot. Giving their material life after all of these years. Partnered with Redefining Darkness Records we are given 4 songs of old school Death Metal drenched in “Leprosy”-era Death worship.

“MCMXCII: Darkest Day” opens up with a nice build and a good, “OHH” to tie the thrash riff in and then a very Demilich type of vocal pitch to give an introduction to this album an insanely heavy start. As these guys thrash through the first song they seamlessly move into the next one titled, “Trama” a song with all kinds of great transitions with great vocals. May be my favorite song off the album with the technicality of everything and that riff with about a minute left in the song is so fucking heavy.

I won’t do a song by song review even though there are only 4 but you need to find out for yourself! The production is great, not to raw but definitely not the cleanest which is right in my ballpark as far as that goes. It’s got charm and would feel right at home with any obscure Death Metal release in the early 90’s. Highly recommend! (ThatAustronautGuy)