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Absconder – Destruction of the Lower Half [EP]

absconder – destruction of the lower half [ep]

Although they have released 2 demos and a split with Anatomia before this EP, this is the first time we feature Illinois, USA located Absconder who started their musical filth back in 2009.

“Destruction of the Lower Half” gives a good sounding description of the pummelling Death Metal that is presented with tracks like “Torso Tank” and “Can’t Say No to the Knife”. Vocalist and bassist Brad Buldak, maybe you know him of his work with Morgue and especially the “Eroded Thoughts” album which was released in 1993, roars the right way to accompany the Rottrevore-like vibe and groove.

Just good plain ‘ole destruction of someone’s lower half, you can do it the finesse way with poisoning someone and wait a couple of weeks…or you grab the baseball bat with razors…Absconder grabbed the baseball bat with razors… (Ricardo)