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Stench Collector – Effluviatorium Du Jour [EP]

stench collector – effluviatorium du jour [ep]


The artwork for ‘Effluviatorium Du Jour’ gives away what you’re about to get into before you even press the play button or land the needle in the vinyl grooves. Consequently, the old-school rancid and gory cover fits perfectly into the musical antics of these Rhode Island Death Metallers, who are hereby putting their first EP out into the world.

‘Effluviatorium Du Jour’ sounds like a good and energetic mix between everything that makes gory Death Metal such a nauseating feast. Throw together a bit of Autopsy (‘Severed Survival’ and ‘Mental Funeral’) by post-Chris Barnes Cannibal Corpse and you basically have what Stench Collector stands for. The rather good production also fits right in that same vein, the chugging and chunky riffs and chopping drums come off nicely and the vocals sound deep and brutal, but nowhere forced. Not only because of the filthy intro, where someone makes dirty eating noises and a young boy tells about the cooking of a black cat and how to chew his bones, but also in terms of guitar sound, a comparison with Mortician (‘Chainsaw Dismemberment’) is not entirely out of place either. The short playing time of just under 17 minutes adds to the strength of this EP and proves once again that this is a perfect format for this kind of music.

Stench Collector brings nothing new to the table and does not sound original or groundbreaking anywhere, but instead pays tribute to all those 90’s Scott Burns Death Metal classics. The band does manage to bring together all of those familiar ingredients in a bunch of fairly simple and unpretentious but well-executed Death Metal songs. Lovers of gory 90’s Death Metal can indulge themselves with ‘Effluviatorium Du Jour’.

Stench Collector

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