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Oniricous – La maldición [EP]

oniricous – la maldición [ep]

Oniricous is a four-piece Death Metal band from Spain that has been around since 2011 under their current moniker. Their first full-length was rotting away in my Bandcamp wishlist, woefully overlooked at the time (this has since been corrected) and buried in an avalanche of music as I was discovering it. Their second full-length also piqued my interest, though I lost track of it before it was released and never ended up hearing it. Finally, through a four-pack cassette deal from Headsplit Records, their latest was on its way to me.

At the same time I happened to be on Facebook as Ricardo posted a YouTube video for one of their songs, and everything seemed to line up perfectly. I began listening right away to this Lovecraft inspired Death Metal with strong Black and Thrash notes and utterly feral vocals. I was drawn in and enveloped so deeply that not until I began to sing along to a song did I realize that the album had restarted.

These songs are fierce, catchy, and endlessly repeatable. Oniricous play Death Metal with a reckless abandon that isn’t seen in many of today’s contenders; the immediacy of these tracks simply cannot be denied. Even though it is a short release, La Maldicion packs a solid punch and carries many memorable moments. I stand here eagerly awaiting whatever comes next. (EthanM)