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Jesus Wept – Apartheid Redux [EP]

jesus wept – apartheid redux [ep]

When you look a the global population, the Dutch language is only spoken by a small part and it always strikes me as odd, when a non-Dutch-speaking artist uses a Dutch word.  A couple one-man Black Metal projects for example, are using a Dutch word as moniker and although they are free to do that and they are using it in the right context, it is not like they have chosen the Dutch word for “unemployment office” or something like that, but still…And although the word Apartheid became universal, as said…always strikes me as odd.

Jesus Wept is presenting an EP which can be described as a compilation, as their “Crushing Apartheid” EP (2017) minus a Smashing Pumpkins cover, is featured as well as their “Comfortably Dumb” single which was released digital only. They have added a new song called “Fucked on the Cross” and a new cover of an act which I enjoy a lot more than Smashing Pumpkins; W.A.S.P.’s “Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)”.

You will hear a couple of influences  throughout this release, be it the typical Entombed “Wolverine” groove, hardcore drums, occasional old style Brutal US Death Metal (“Drowning in Holy Water for example”) and nowadays Carcass’.

So far Jesus Wept hasn’t brought something revolutionary to the table of judgement, but it is certainly a satisfying piece of work and will be enjoyable for anyone who likes a good groove in his Death Metal. (Ricardo)