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Morbific – Ominous Seep of Putridity

morbific – ominous seep of putridity

Immediately sold by logo homage Finland trio Morbific gives US based Impetigo. After releasing impressionable demo “Pestilent Hordes” in 2020, they deliver raw & unfiltered putridity, based strictly within 90s Death Metal guidelines (& dash of Slayer/Black Sabbath inspired riffs too!).

With premiere LP “Ominous Seep of Putridity”, they keep 4/5 of their demo tracks, producing six addtional tunes with organically constructed production notably in the drumming, yet balance with impenetrable chasmal riffs between bass & guitar work that’s undeniably satisfying.

Cover art by guitarist Chase Slaker, dismal scenery arranged from darker chocolate and mahogany background layers representing a cave dwelling lightened with mocha sandy palette giving expression of lifeless remains turning to powdery dust.

There’s a buttload of influences to name based out of the motherland of metal, Finland, as well as components derived from US based acts such as primitive structure in the vein of Autopsy, technique & drum scales similar to Repulsion, & audio sample + rough cut style that emulate Necrophagia.

Arranged with 10 tracks, slightly over 30 minutes, conventional characteristics of Death Metal that’s lodged forever in the 90s era. Going over briefly the new written songs featured, title track has an intro that reminds you of classic Super Mario 64 game when you flicked/bent Mario’s nose/ears & making a “boingy” noise then fading into song itself; catchy riffs slowed down working with Jusa Janhonen’s blend of deep growls disciplined enough to drift into comprehensive cadence on some parts. Popular teaser, “Cadaveric Maggot Farm” audio sample describing insects smelling/feasting off dead flesh, turning fans on to hear more! Personal favorite is punk driven “Deformed in Phantasmal Fog”, love guitar work midway, & Onni’s drumming skills are notable to mention throughout this release!

Great concept & admiration. Cheers! (Tori Belle)