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Critical Extravasation – Morbid Existence [EP]

critical extravasation – morbid existence [ep]

Technical Thrashy Death Metal from Russia…sure, why not! The band beholds the whole band of Skyglow (a 2-piece Progressive Death Metal combo who released their debut “Thousand Years of Terror” in 2018), and both Sergey Stepanenko and Alexander Mokin recruited Victor Khaychenko for the bass and back vocals duties. Well, those were the household announcements…let’s talk music!

As said we are dealing with an EP filled with Death Metal that has a touch of Thrash Metal and is on the Technical side of this spectrum. After a few spins it would be weird to deny albums-after-Death’s-“Spirutual Healing”-especially-“The Sound of Perseverance”, late Pestilence and Sceptic’s “Pathetic Being” vibe that is going on here. Sceptic in particular keeps turning back while listening to the tunes as especially the bass sound and how the instrument is used in the song writing is very similar. Also the leads are spot on, like they did on “Dismembered”.

As a little treat they have covered Morgoth’s “Body Count” besides the three tracks of their own, leaving me curious how they will sound on their next release as this is an interesting EP. Hope they will not overthink the process of song writing and losing the song all together, as this is some good stuff. (Ricardo)