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Extirpation – A Damnation’s Stairway to the Altar of Failure

extirpation – a damnation’s stairway to the altar of failure

With acts like Bulldozer and Schizo in the 80s and nowadays acts like Satanika and Extirpation the Italian scene has its share in the Black/Thrash category throughout history.

“A Damnation’s Stairway to the Altar of Failure”, which was first released on CD by Triumph ov Death and a year after by Redefining Darkness on cassette, is a mix of the Teutonic Thrash Trinity, first wave Black Metal and Voivod twists.

The Voivod influence will be the hit-or-break part for the listener, if Voivod is on your “hell yeah!”-list you will enjoy the twists, otherwise it is better to keep on listening to some Desaster, Nifelheim or Deströyer 666 albums. (Ricardo)