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Eternal Evil – The Warriors Awakening Brings the Unholy Slaughter

eternal evil – the warriors awakening brings the unholy slaughter

Fans of nostalgic classics like Kreator’s “Terrible Certainty”, Slayer’s “Hell Awaits”, Destruction’s “Eternal Devastation”, or any 80s/early 90s prime Death-Thrash artists will appreciate four piece Eternal Evil’s premiere LP “The Warriors Awakening Brings Unholy Slaughter”.

Essential progress since their 2019 demo “Rise of Death”, these teens slowly maturing their sound and establishing incremental development. It was this phase in every metalhead’s lives that you showed more praise to the thrash pioneers before delving into more interest of…dark brutal extremity; leaving hope that they’ll be open to versatility because the potential is there but it’s the curiosity of utilizing their versed techniques.

Cover art resembles a mashup between Kreator’s “Endless Pain” & Manowar’s “Kings of Metal” covers, nonetheless noble imagery.

Constant upbeat tempo, no signs of shift with exception of one of the more longer tunes “Eternal Evil”, has a swift pause building up to those barking shrills (& notable on “Stab of The Blade”) that can break window panes. Eleven barbarous offerings to implement monophonic headbanging within forty-ish minutes. Avoiding much buildup or those unnecessary minute plus acoustic intros, they directly execute their intentional destructive nature & kick some ass. Favorable tun would have to be “Witch’s Spell”, fury of riffs and indestructible momentum within a tolerable time frame.

Overall a great effort and entertaining to folks who are looking for a contemporary fix from a previously dominant subgenre. (Tori Belle)