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Apraxic – Edge of Human

apraxic – edge of human


Speculating Apraxic is derived from “apraxia” defined as a person with brain damage that doesn’t correctly deliver right movements to make for the body even though they’re capable, adding suffix -ic “to pertain to” mentioned condition. A logical concept for the quartet based out of Portland.

Formed of components that are featured on other current projects including Pleasure Cross, Witch Vomit, & Sempiternal Dusk, there’s a diverse blend of elements from both Death Metal & Grindcore reflected on their premiere LP “Edge of Human”. Noteworthy cover art by Matt Stikker, a futuristic visual taking place in an off putting alley with a vulnerable couple, a pregnant cyborg and scruffy tough biker with a Charles Bronson moustache, both vigilant of their hostile surroundings.

Offering eight tracks, each member contributes modicums of their other involved acts integrating a catchy, looming, angst impression for its listeners. Starts with their self-titled track, has a brisk eerie solo in the beginning by Vincent Van Dell (Witch Vomit) accenting the impending dread about to pummel any swift moment. You hear the Thrash/Hardcore cadence in August Alston’s (Pleasure Cross) pitch, gruff, raspy yet forceful you detest it yet can’t stop headbanging, notable on “Gap Sickness”, with those killer drum work from Dustin Ferris (Pleasure Cross); it’s no wonder why Ferris and Alston pair well to bring strong personality for Apraxic to achieve their sound. “C.N.I.” in my opinion, one of the only tracks to merge 90s Death Metal riffs with Ferris’ grindcore varying technique on drum work.

“Room of Flesh” has a drawn out intro, then abruptly goes into grindcore arrangement; which was expecting less grindcore and more Death Metal fusion on some of these, to be honest. Closing track “Baron of Ecstacy” has palpable intro &you can hear a duo of vocals with mesmerizing guitar work displayed.

If you wanna hear Death Metal with Grindcore by some cutting edge visionaries, don’t overlook “Edge of Human”! (Tori Belle)


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