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Leprophiliac – Necrosis

leprophiliac – necrosis


I first became aware of Spain’s Leprophiliac through a review on these very hallowed pages of the “Caskets of Flesh” EP, and one look at the cover pic and the mention of “disgusting Death Metal” was all it took for me to instantly go check it out. Was I disappointed? Obviously fucking not becasue its mix of Old School Celtic Frostery grabbed me straight by the goolies and refused to let go, and here I am writing a review of their latest effort “Necrosis!” Yes, I had no idea at that stage that they even HAD another one out, so finding it was one of those moments of sheer joy, like when you see your favourite beer on special for half price. Or when that pesky God-bothering idiot you hate who lives down the end of the street that tries to convert you to the worship of bullshit every time he sees you in your favourite Carcass shirt gets mown down by a passing herd of elephants, you know the ones.

Yes, I may have stated that the first EP had a lot of what seemed to me to be Celtic Frost about it, but in no way shape or form did that take away from the musical excellence on offer, and if that little release piqued your interest at all, this one is going to clean fucking blow your mind. Take any track, turn it up so loud that your speakers begin to make the goldfish in your fish tank go cross eyed, and then turn it up until they also shit themselves. Try track five “Jigoku Shoujo” (Hell Girl) for starters. If one eyeball moves but not the other, chuck in track three “Infesting the Intruder”. By now you should be getting somewhere, I mean, what kind of thing could take such an onslaught?

Okay. Yes, you may have a different species of fish in your tank, and they may be hard drinking vest wearing cunts, so I suggest slapping them around the fins (a joke that would be even funnier if these guys came from Finland) with “Fatal Frame”. If none of the above works, try some “Toxic Waste Dilution” by throwing the bloody things into the nearest toilet with some draino to flush out any possible posuers that may be lurking beneath. This is the shit, that can, and will, clean out any system. I assure you.

“Necrosis” is pretty much as solid as Death Metal can get, and then adds extra layers upon that solidity to ensure that the lads at Leprophiliac are going to be a band that ALL fans of Death will need to keep an eyeball or two on, that’s if they have any left after a listen or two! (The Great Mackintosh)

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