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Swarn – Black Flame Order

swarn – black flame order

From beautiful Estonia, country of towers and castles, comes this Death Metal trio. Most bands I know from Estonia are playing the style of Black Metal, Pagan, Folk or Sympho stuff, I guess it is because of the landscapes they are surrounded by and their ancient legacy can inspire most of that music…

The “Black Flame Order” debut album is co-released by Redefining Darkness Records (love that label) and Raw Skull Recordz, and they are always discovering new good bands…

First influence I recognized while listening to this album, is Entrails from Sweden as they sound really similar. Of course Swarn have their own trade mark with very catchy riffs and double pedal creating their own  thing and also the vocals are spot-on for their sound and music. “The Otherness” has some Black Metal vibe on the voice at first but it disappears as the tracks go by, which isn’t a bad thing otherwise it would have taken the brutality away. But about influences and similarities: Entrails, Seance and of course some others from the Swedish Death Metal universe.

The album cover seems more drawn for a Black Metal band with some witches making a ritual to the horned one in the woods. I have seen it many times before but one way or another it didn’t grab my attention but this is the kind of album you ask yourself “why I haven’t listen to this before?”. You will hear quality sound, riffs and very good composing which can tell they have rehearsing well before entering the studio.

Do I recommend to order this? Of course! If Covid 19 shipping restrictions don’t affect your country, try to order this master piece before it sells out. (Gangrene Pus)