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Hanging Fortress – Darkness Devours

hanging fortress – darkness devours

US Death Metal has never been my thing but these Toledo terrors have a completely different sound to the usual US Death Metal fare. Following a couple of EP’s, “Darkness Devours” is the debut album from Ohio’s Hanging Fortress, although at 21 minutes in length one could make the argument that this too falls into the EP category. That said, previous EP’s “Sword of Corruption” and “Blood Mountain” weigh in at 12 and 9 minutes respectively so for Hanging Fortress 21 minutes is an eternity!

Sporting a slow style that borders on Death/Doom metal, “Darkness Devours” is a sluggish, chugging tome of brutality. Packed to the brim with intense, darkened riffs, ferocious growled vocals and biting drumming, this is an album that walks in, slays all and leaves in short order. Hanging Fortress are a band who slam, and their new opus is made for banging your head and getting drunk too. It’s savage in it’s intensity, the mood it oozes is vile and ravenous, and with a small amount of Hardcore influence in the song structures, also manages to remain catchy and violent!

At 21 minutes this never feels laboured, never out stays it’s welcome and even invites repeated spins instantly. A very solid colossal sounding album. (Heathen of the Horde)