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Critical Extravasation – Order Of Decadence

critical extravasation – order of decadence


On the band’s previous EP, ‘Morbid Existence’, this Russian Death Metal band Critical Extravasation already introduced us to their brand of Technical Death Metal. Our own chief editor of VM-Underground liked their first offering and was looking forward to this debut album. And, I can assure him, if he liked that first EP, then this will be just as enjoyable.

While the EP had a bit of a rawer sound and overall approach of the Death Metal genre in general, the album definitely has a bit more going on when it comes to the production. The aggressive and technical way of songwriting is still of the same level, though. Although the Jeffrey Dahmer quotes/samples are now omitted, the emphasis has shifted even more to the technical aspect of the music. But in doing so, the gentlemen have not forgotten that the riff, the power of the riff, is ultimately the most important part of Death Metal. With that in mind, the threesome (and their session drummer) started weaving very interesting songs, putting layer on layer of ever-twisting riffs, tempo changes and short and sharp melodies and leads. It might be a challenging listen if you are mostly into Death Metal in the Massacre, Possessed or Nunslaughter kind of way. But, if you do love your Death Metal slightly progressive and in an advanced stage of complexity, take a listen to ‘Redeeming Flames’ for instance, then ‘Order Of Decadence’ offers nothing but a great and rewarding listen.

In summary, Critical Extravasation most resembles a bastard son of later Death and, say, Cynic. The raspy and snarling vocals further complete the fierceness of the music and provide another comparison to Chuck Schuldiner, as he sounded on the last few Death records. As the emphasis is still most, and possibly increasingly, on the technical ability of the musicians, the music, laced with classic guitar work, will undoubtedly appeal to fans of more complex Death Metal.

Critical Extravasation

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