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Carnal Ruin – The Damned Lie Rotting [EP]

carnal ruin – the damned lie rotting [ep]

The “Gnosis of the Dead” demo gained quite some praise by our own Franki_boj, but as he is more questionable than Herbert the Pervert, I had to hear it with my own ears. And spank my ass, call me Velma and jump in the Mystery Machine…he is fuckin’ right.

Carnal Ruin are able to combine the fine Old School Death Metal scene that is Swedish concerning riffs, melodies and variation in pace. The Death Metal presented on this EP is both aggressive, pounding and stomping while keeping it memorable. Be it Vomitory, old Hyprocrisy, Intestine Baalism (the variation of the vocals in “Scholomance” and “Ode to the Conquered (As the Damned Lie Rotting)”) but also Hail of Bullets or the UK scene, you have an EP in possession that is worth every penny.

A very well executed slab of Old School Death Metal! (Ricardo)