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Granulated – Demo [Demo]

granulated – demo [demo]


The word “granulated” defined as “highly detailed; having many small and distinct parts.” Aaren Pantke of Molder, Melting Pot, and Stoma Aroma, the multi instrumentalist conjures arrangements of hefty death metal on a four track demo fits the description; showing attributes of his skills between drums, bass, guitar, and vocals effortlessly accomplishing a strong project to be released as a solo act. Artwork shows figure that’s basically a limbless torso, maggots seeping out of its rotted pores, blood draining at the bottom, straightforward that this IS death metal presented in its plain form.

Starting with “Preserved In Bile”, a steady, synthy John Carpenter vibe weaves into a hearty thick riff with not overdone distortion fading any element out. His cadence meshes perfectly with the downtuned playing; mix in projected retched noise making your gag reflexes less tolerable to manage as Pantke swiftly throws in electric riffs, keeping you on your toes what he presents next round. Can’t forget to mention his drum work that glues it all, fills any gaps and production and recording for this demo is balanced out, giving pure identity for each instrument all around.

“Lead Encased in Heads” has a dark humored sample from Seth Rogan as Ronnie Barnhardt in “Observe & Report”, a more upbeat tempo out of the four. “Granulated” love the bass that underlines the guitars, something I wish more recordings would get the jist of instead of fading it out more than necessary, you can hear every fucking string played and its mesmerizing when he does a guitar solo 1:38 mark, giving some thrash with the rotund bass work and hints of groove blended in. “It Was No Accident” includes another movie sample, this time Dennis Hopper as Feck in “River’s Edge”, of course highlight being the drumming, his voice more muffled than the other tracks, starts downtuned then gradually picks up the pace, great closer, proving he is just as strong and talented solo work. (Tori Belle)


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