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Putridarium – Morbification ‘22 [Demo]

putridarium – morbification ‘22 [demo]


Named after a makeshift interment spot, Putridarium hands down this German quartet’s “Mortification ‘22” is easily a favorite demo to have in rotation, even obtaining a physical copy for your collection.

Compared to their previous “Putrefaction ‘21”, quite the progress from the Doom Death traipse tempos, still keeping that organic alveolate recording quality, more experimental in the serendipitous buildup, notably on closer “Sentenced To Mold”.

Aside from adding another guitarist to the group, these guys have amplified the pugnacity to their demeanor, resonating a feeling of lingering foreboding nature that’s unfolding right in front of you the minute you press play.

Even the cover illustrated by Parker Ewan validates this trepidation using black and white in a detailed scene of being chained by skin, wasting away surrounded in an excess of mephitic mass.
Another trilogy of offerings, opening with “The Organs Crawler”, promptly drawn into the beginning 0:27 seconds of the John Carpenter-esque synthy melody before the chugging mid tempo riffs chime in along with the bellowing fetid cadence that leads the way into an infinite amplitude. This part alone reassesses your expectation of what’s to come since we assume it will be redundant of previous works, & luckily isn’t the case here.

Yes, there’s Death / Doom but these tracks you’ll notice dabbles into mid tempo throughout and gives into more OSDM elements and gradual inclination towards the outro to keep listeners attentive. “Necrotic Rapture” has no gimmicks, only straightforward heavy hitting riffs that are simplified & showcases more versatility in vocals giving off tinges of tormenting shrills before bludgeoning rhythm gains momentum, more adornment from percussion work on this particular one. Lastly, “Sentenced To Mold” accumulates half of this demo (nearly nine minutes), it distorts & lengthens chords that reflect death metal timbre versus doomy undertones and leaves your heads banging like a perambulating troglodyte.

Well done! (Tori Belle)


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