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Morbus Grave / Deathfucker – Defilers In Morbid Decay [Split]

morbus grave / deathfucker – defilers in morbid decay [split]


If you ask me about an existing band from Italy, maybe I can name a few. My interest and knowledge increased after I heard the demo “Abomination” by Morbus Grave back in 2019 which is a really good one for old school Death Metal listeners. So I’m really excited to hear more when they’re going to release a split with Deathfucker (who were unknown for me) under a filthy name called “Defilers in Morbid Decay”!

I bought this split tape from Necrolatry Records and it did not waste my time continuing to absorb the ideas and musical touch of these two bands. The song “Rancid flesh” is the opening of curtain that is awash with hateful vocals and rhythmic riffing of chaos. The composition of this song with old-school blasting drumming will keep you entertained and your body surely will shake as hell! The aforementioned musical elements can also be heard in “Necronomicon” which is full of riffing rage and vocals that seek for vengeance. The song is also linked to the outro and it will give you goosebumps. Perfect for the horror ending by Morbus Grave!

My heart was pounding for Deathfucker’s song and couldn’t wait to hear it. When the music started with the noisy tunes followed by the pure vocal sound, I realized this was up my alley as “Wounded Revelation” totally caught my attention! Blended with Death/Thrash rhythm and a consistent tempo with the old-school 90’s style, makes the song so dirty that it can’t clean any wounds. I sniff a bit of Darkthrone in this song and I really liked it. “Crown of Infamy” prove that Deathfucker can get more aggressive with chaotic riffing that creates an atmosphere which is both out of control as well as drowned with deadly solo’s. Both songs are great because they still maintain the old-school vibes. Salute!

I’m so impressed with these two bands from Italy. I became a fan bruh! For old school Death/Thrash metal fans, this split tape is surely worth! Fino alla morte!!

Headsplit Records

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