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Jesus Wept – Psychedelic Degeneracy [EP]

jesus wept – psychedelic degeneracy [ep]

In expression, referring to a term that shows disbelief (or the grisly scene from Hellraiser) , Death ‘n Roll quartet Jesus Wept are releasing their second EP “Psychedelic Degeneracy” under Redefining Darkness Recrods.

Huge inspiration from mid 90s Death ‘n Roll albums “Swansong” & “Wolverine Blues” or “Massive Killing Capacity” while carrying the spirit of 80’s Heavy Metal, these guys have composed an antagonistically melodious & groovy sound that’s endurable in its sixteen minute circulation.

Compared to previous 2017 EP “Crushing Apartheid”, 2nd EP has less tracks but extended duration, no covers, & with exception of last minute on opening track “Surgical Punishment Symmetry” vocals abandon any form of gutturals as shown on “Crushing Apartheid”’s “Drowning In Holy Water”.

Overall production is polished on “Psychedelic Degeneracy”,emphasizing euphonious riffs with emphatic rhythm along with percussion that resonate both capacious & breakneck measures, exceptionally done on “Psychedelic Degeneracy”.

A tamed collage album cover compared to other gorey ones within anatomy/forensic/pathology clippings, this one done by Minnesota based artist Ben DiNino has syringes, pills, and discreet anatomies blended.

Getting into the other two titles of this release, there’s “Dispossession” is the sole thrashy tune of the bunch, has acrimony in its cadence and continually fast paced injected with groove, catchy hooks, & an expected solo written in. Closing with “God Fetish”, felt bass was attention grabbing on this particular one, laboriously reliant on groove aspect, ending on a crushing note.

So if any fans of melody & Death ‘n Roll will appreciate this offering! (Tori Belle)