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Angerot – The Profound Recreant

angerot – the profound recreant


Prolific Sioux Falls, South Dakota based Death Metal quartet Angerot will have their third full length opus unleashed on both Cd and LP next month through Redefining Darkness Records. Entitled ‘The Profound Recreant’, this new offering follows up the bands 2018 debut album ‘The Splendid Iniquity’ and 2020’s ‘The Divine Apostate’ which was the bands first collaboration with Redefining Darkness.

Opening with the chanted Germanic ode that is ‘Das Salz’, Angerot then kick things right into gear with ‘They Shall Take Up Serpents’ which exudes both a dark, sinister sound whilst also showcasing the bands overtly technical nature. In truth ‘The Profound Recreant’ is a hard album to pigeonhole other than it being firmly under the Death Metal umbrella. I’ve made note of the darker and technical aspects of the bands style, but then there are the lapses into thuggish belligerent hammering riffs, as well as the more atmospheric undertones created through light synth work as well as eerie chanting vocals.

In truth ‘The Profound Recreant’ has something for most Death Metal fans. Its a veritable smorgasbord of influences and styles with a deep vein of ritualistic flavour and a heavy dose of sheer brutality. If you are a fan of wildly expansive guitar leads then this album is for you, but it isn’t all about the guitar work. The vocals are both ravenous and gut wrenching, the drums solid and piercing, whilst the bass keeps up a solid line of groove throughout the album. Through inventive songcraft Angerot have created an album that waves and twists through myriad sounds and styles whilst always keeping up a high level of intensity and destructiveness.

‘The Profound Recreant’ isn’t what I’d call an old school Death Metal album, but nor is it something I’d describe as sounding particularly modern either, other than the grandiose bombastic sound that the bands creates. What ‘The Profound Recreant’ is, is an album that stands apart for its thundering heaviness and mesmerizing technicality.

Redefining Darkness Records

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