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Truchło Strzygi – Pora umierać

truchło strzygi – pora umierać

For some reason I always enjoyed metal (well, most music) in different languages. Because a language barrier in the metal scene is a somewhat a strange concept to me… It’s metal and rarely you actually understand what the vocalist is saying anyway. Singing (screaming, growling etc.) in the artists own language can express more emotion and passion, and even though you don’t necessarily understand what they are saying, you can ‘feel’ it.

What starts off with a guy singing something that sounds like a cheerful Polish nursery rhyme is soon interrupted by the sound of a siren, which makes you realise all hell is about to break loose. Blackened Thrash with a punk vibe to it, filled with devious riffs and powerful drumming. The frequent use of chanting and sing along choruses also give the impression they don’t take themselves too seriously. This is as catchy as it is ugly.

In short: Combine it with a couple of beers and you get an instant brain reset after a long week. In even shorter: This is how fun sounds. (Black Mary)