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Truchło Strzygi – Nad którymi nie czuwa żaden stróż [EP]

truchło strzygi – nad którymi nie czuwa żaden stróż [ep]


The debut of this young Polish band, which I have reviewed some months ago, was the epitome of fun, you know, drowning in beer while watching the end of the world kind of fun. But apparently, having fun this way is frowned upon in the underground lately, so, has the band been forced to adapt to it?

Hell no! Certainly not. There are some hints implying to the change of sound in the EP “Nad Którymi Nie Czuwa Żaden Stróż” (released in February 2019), but overall the band hasn’t really changed their formula which made them recognizable in the pond of the bands trying to do the same. The sheer idea of a major change happening here is implied in the title of this EP, which translates to ‘No Watchman watching over’,so sincerely there is none, except the music being at the point of band already knowing what they want to achieve with their sound.

In bare 12 minutes and only three songs the band shows how much a musical project can grow when everyone in it knows their role. While never being a fan of metal mixed with punk myself, the band certainly know how to create the sound appealing to both sides of the genre concoction. Dealing with apocalyptic themes further on (as on the debut), they make it catchy and wild using the thrashing drumming, swift changes in riffing and a lot of tremolo picking, all spiced up with vocals rooted in punk, but contains enough passion to present the themes on the EP seriously. Above all, the production is thicker, more on the black metal side of concoction, so everything sounds a bit darker, even nihilistic at certain points.

As weird as it may sound, this band is capable of presenting the darker side of society in their lyrics (completely in Polish, so good luck with the translating them) through a certain sense of youthful humour and vigour, without actually sounding cheesy or lame. This kind of combination is extremely difficult to achieve in the world where everyone takes themselves too seriously. (Black Mary)

Godz Ov War Productions

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