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Hell’s Coronation – Silver Knife Mysticism [EP]

hell’s coronation – silver knife mysticism [ep]


I’ve really enjoyed reviewing sections of the Hell’s Coronation back catalogue, as this Polish duo are such an easy band to write about. They are all about consistency; whether that be using the same two labels repeatedly, (Godz ov War and Black Death Productions) or their constantly high quality mid-tempo approach to performing. Even their artwork all follows a similar Occult theme. The reason I’m most intrigued and excited to review their 2021 ‘Silver Knife Mysticism’ EP though is that it actually acts as the end of an era, and this is the last release that features the bass playing and drum beating talents of Coffincrusher.

If you can believe it, this EP has a far more darker aspect to it. The cavernous production is stronger and more powerful than on previous releases and their is a crawling, chugging Death Metal influence streaked throughout the guitar leads. ‘Under the Wings of a Mortal Aura’ especially has a markedly more hostile atmosphere to it, and this from a band who were already hell bent on a bleak, nocturnal sound before.

Coffincrusher also contributes some amazingly haunting atmospheric backing vocals to this EP that are pitched to perfection, whilst Zepar is at his usual harrowing best as the lead vocalist. It’s a damn shame that this duo have parted ways as they have been making consistently excellent, Occult themed darkness together for a few years. It will be interesting to hear the next chapter for Hell’s Coronation as well as seeing what Coffincrusher works on next. (Marksson)

Godz ov War Productions

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