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Angrrsth – Znikąd [EP]

angrrsth – znikąd [ep]


Angrsth from Poland is another band which I can’t find the meaning of the name. Closest I could think of would be “angst” which means fear in German (and many other languages) which wouldn’t make sense as the band is Polish and even signs in its native language. I tried even the name in uncle Google but it only showed a character from known card game. We had bands inspired by Tolkien writing, why not by a card game. Ok, banter aside, only thing that matters is the music. And here we get a nice mixture of Death Metal and Deathcore. Music generally leans more towards Death Metal with occasional slowdowns and typical Deathcore “omph” in the guitar section. Only band i know in Deathcore genre would be Frontside and I can see some similarities in Angrrsth music to older albums of that band.

The EP “Znikąd” ,which translates to “From Nowhere”, consists of 5 tracks. First thing that gets your attention are the guitars. Quite well recorded and very diverse. Best example would be track “Upadłem” which translates to “I have fallen”. It starts with an interesting acoustic guitar but quickly turns towards a great riff with the acoustic guitar still playing in the background. There are so many tempo and riff changes that you can’t get bored. Some riffs are really catchy, almost death’n’roll like, which will make you move your head involuntarily. Another plus are the lyrics. They are short, simple and crude but in a good way. Crude you ask? Closest comparison would be track called “To our martyrs” performed by a certain Swiss band on their “Ceremony of opposites” album. Best example would be track number 4 “Siarka i kwas” meaning “Sulphur and acid” which is a nice change to today’s complex lyrics about occult rituals or other existential problems. Its straight forward and pure hate towards religion. Not many bands go that way these days. Did I say that lyrics are in Polish which suits the melodies perfectly?

Only thing that doesn’t work for me is the way the vocals were altered. There seems to be some kind of effect on them which annoys me. Strange thing is that in some short parts of lyrics its not on and vocalist sounds much better without it. Maybe its some kind of concept or other thing behind that but for me it would be better without it, as the guy who “sings” in Angrrsth has quite good and deep growl on its own.

Generally its not a revolutionary material. But not always you need that to enjoy music. “Znikąd” is a great example of that. There is nothing new or outstanding there but still listening to it doesn’t make you “suffer” or get bored. Some bands don’t try to reinvent the wheel. They just play their music and have fun while doing it. I have this CD on my shelf and maybe it wont be the most listened one in my collection but I’m sure it wont gather dust also. And remember that this is their debut EP. I have a feeling thatthe  debut album can be something really good and worth waiting for. (Sulphur)

Godz Ov War Productions

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