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Prehistoric War Cult – Under The Sign Of The Red Moon [EP]

prehistoric war cult – under the sign of the red moon [ep]


Out of the sewers of Osnabrück, Germany, comes this ugly creature named Prehistoric War Cult. Having released a couple of underground (split) tapes and a split LP over the last two years through labels like Red Nebula, Fucking Kill Records and Kellerassel Records the three-piece is now back with new EP that sees the light of day on both cassette tape and a 10” vinyl EP.

Anyone who has had the opportunity to snatch a copy of the bands’ previous work or to listen to their music through their digital platforms know what to expect. Prehistoric War Cult offers a monstrous brew of Ross Bay Cult inspired savagery. This is not quite the style of music that is known for its rich dynamics or mesmerizing soundscapes. Instead it pummels on in a rather one-dimensional delirious tunnel of rattling drums, thunderous riffs and caveman-like vocals. The only breathing space you get is the two minutes of  war-drums to paint a fitting scenery to the band name – which seems to have been chosen with the greatest possible care and attention, it really does sound like a prehistorical war cult. This EP is nothing but unrefined barbarism that echoes the work of Archgoat, Proclamation, Blasphemy, Black Witchery, Goatlord, Conqueror and the likes. ‘Under The Sign Of The Red Moon’ offers a power shot of uncivilized, sewer dwelling Black/Death. If you have a strong stomach and an unquenchable thirst for filth and fury, then Prehistoric War Cult should be your next stop.