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Ultra Silvam – The Spearwound Salvation

ultra silvam – the spearwound salvation


The cover got my attention to Ultra Silvam debut album called “The Spearwound Salvation” as not many bands use bat as a animal for Black Metal cover. So that’s a big plus for a start. With high hopes I played the album and…

How I like this kind of albums, like a slap in the face, fast, sudden and unexpected (as I never heard of the band before). That is how I was left feeling after listening to debut album of Ultra Silvam. Its only about 28 minutes long but that’s enough to kick your ass and still wanting more. This Swedish trio mixes lots of different influences to brew their own quite unique Black Metal. What makes it unique and interesting? Specific tuning of guitar, especially heard at solos which reminds me of Japanese Sabbat (which is a very good thing as Sabbat is a pioneer of Black Metal in their own right), mixed with cannonades of riffs similar to older Deströyer 666 or even first two Iron Maiden albums.

All the good influences are there, if names like Bathory, Satanic Warmaster and similar bands are close to your black heart you know what to expect. Whole album is mixed very well and in proper vein of underground Black Metal. But to spoil almost perfect album i could say that vocals could be done better. They aren’t bad but sometimes they just vanish behind the wall of sound, or is it done on purpose and I don’t see that(?). As it is Ultra Silvam debut album I’m eager to let it by and hope (and I’m sure) that next one will be as good if not better than debut. Although that small flaw which some people will see as a plus, “The Spearwound Salvation” is a strong candidate to Black Metal debut album of the year. Its raw, its ugly, its fast so it should satisfy any Black Metal maniacs.

Ultra Silvam

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