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Iteru – Ars Moriendi [EP]

iteru – ars moriendi [ep]

Iteru is a band that apparently consists of members from different Belgian Black Metal acts, however this is no Black Metal! On this 4 song EP you will find some of the darkest Doom / Death metal you’ve heard in a long time.

Iteru’s Doom Metal has a very dark occult feel to it and goes seamlessness from super heavy riffs to a melodic chorus or a moody interlude with choirs or a spoken word part. A few times we get some screams but the rest of the time we are treated to a very deep, low and underground sounding death grunt that absolutely fits and completes the sound Iteru is going for. A pretty unique sound if you ask me cause sometimes you get the feeling you’re listening to an undiscovered underground gem from 25 years ago while a few minutes later you get a post metal/sludge feel. Whatever style you want to put this in one thing is for sure, they sure know how to create a dark and brooding atmosphere.

The opening track is a slow and heavy beast of almost 10 minutes that just keeps  pounding, but there’s still a lot going on. With the following tracks they suddenly vary things by upping the speed a few times, we even get a bit of blasting in the awesome closing track. A great way to keep this 35 minute recording interesting.

At this time this EP is at it’s 3rd cassette run, the first 2 cassette releases sold out so quick that they decided to release this on CD and Vinyl also. A wise choice if you ask me cause this is one that needs to be heard! (MartijnK)