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Wulkanaz – Wulkanaz

wulkanaz – wulkanaz


Wulkanaz comes through on this self-titled album with a blistering blend of Black Punk and pure raw Black Metal, perfect for fans of either genre. Usually, when you think of raw Black Metal you don’t necessarily picture skilled instrumentation, strong melodic presence, or successfully interesting blends of genres. This record breaks through the mold in these areas. This album starts off with a cold yet melodic punk rhythm, utilizing the bass in ways not normally done in raw black metal. This blend of punk and pure black metal attitude continues throughout the project. On top of this, many tracks include sampled interludes, medieval instrumentation, and background noise. Tracks like “Det svultna gap” are full, lush, and dark lo-fi noise pieces. These moments bring the dark, almost vampiric atmosphere of the album together perfectly, while not being too long or boring (as some noise/ambient interludes can be).

This album is extremely creative and versatile as well. You don’t often hear technical drum fills, tempo breaks, creative guitar riffs, and background sampling all on one raw Black Metal/Black Punk record. Perhaps the best example of this creativity is the track “Stiärnväv”, which perfectly demonstrates the unique style and abilities of Wulkanaz through obscure pauses, drum fills, and winding guitar riffs that alter multiple times throughout the track. Moments like these are scattered all over this record in places where it works to the betterment of the entire project. This record is perfect for any fan of raw Black Metal or black punk to just sit back for 33 minutes and take in the dark and lo-fi atmosphere, while simultaneously appreciating the skill, creativity, and aggression behind every track. The only possible gripe I have with this record, is that the vocals could use some diversity, as they are the ONLY part of this album that is not necessarily creative or unique. They do the job well though, utilizing slight amounts of reverb while providing that harsh, brutal aggression that I (and many Black Metal fans) look for in a great Black Metal album.

This record is amazing and deserves the utmost attention in the world of underground Black Metal music. Sit back and enjoy this unique, genre-blending, aggressively powerful raw Black Metal experience. You will not regret it. (NoahC)


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