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Caedes Cruenta – Ερείπια ψυχών [Re-Release]

caedes cruenta – Ερείπια ψυχών [re-release]

It got to me once again…the mystical sound of the majestic Greek Black Metal. Be it Cult of Eibon, Ithaqua or the horde I’m supposed to write a review about…the “new” Greek scene with the great balance of melody, the beauty of darkness and the occult is a scene I follow and enjoy to the fullest.

With “Ερείπια ψυχών”, “Ruins of Souls” in English, Caedes Cruenta released their 2nd full-length through Bestial Burst on CD and 12” vinyl back in 2014. The album received a cassette treatment by Kampf Records and Austral Holocaust Records in both 2015 and 2016. Helter Skelter Productions took the liberty to re-release it on 12” vinyl and cassette once again. Limited that is.

I bet it is enough for some of you when I say this album goes back to the first two albums both Varathron and Rotting Christ made, and order the album immediately. The typical riffs, melodies, song structures, vocals…and don’t get me wrong, they aren’t looting the Greek treasure of yore, they just perfectly play in the vein of…

The classicks have been made, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore the worshippers of the classicks as this a is top-notch album. (Ricardo)