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Drawn And Quartered – Extermination Revelry

drawn and quartered – extermination revelry


If god exists he’s got some major problems. Some people want to tie him onto a railway, or torture him with red-hot iron bars. And since last weekend I joined these hordes. I had a leak in my room. Now after a week of delay I finally want to finish this review, and suddenly the noise on my stereo doesn?t sound so good as on my discman. The album sounded much more brutal as I was able to recall after a hard weekend including loads of alcohol and other perversities. These were my opening words: ?What a fucking bad sound man, this is real bad shit. A Morbid Angel like sound but sooo fucking flat, this is no comfortable listening. These riffs are pretty annoying. Where are the vocals lines? Man, I can hardly hear a thing… Then I got a divine flash of intuition in my head and I ran to my stereo. Luckily for the band a wire broke there. Enough bullshit now.

Drawn And Quartered is from the United States and was formed in 1993 and “Extermination Revelry” is their third album. Good points of this record are its brutality and the variations in speed. “Extermination Revelry” is absolutely bangproof. This decent (meaning hard, fast and heavy) death metal is the perfect music to express your ferocity. The opener “Embrace Of Darkness” lets you hear typical rude metal in the vein of Morbid Angel, including fast drums, fat guitar layers, deep grunts, some slower passages and the usual dose of aggressive violence. “Incinerated Faithful” is a more tempo sensitive song, with short, very fast, breaks and slower guitars parts with up-tempo drums underneath. In the first minute of “The Ovens Await” you can hear sinister slow drums and doomy guitar parts interfered by a Death-alike solo and up-tempo drums. The following rude break and melodies at the same time seem to be a trademark of DAQ.

The production of this album is fine. In general “Extermination Revelry” is one blunt piece of distorted terror that eats you alive. Despite that you can still hear the various instruments very well. “Kill For My Master” is one of my favourites with the oriental-like melodic riffs and the faster stamping brutal pieces. “Worshippers Of Total Death” deviates a little from the rest with its slower and less aggressive approach. “Sodomized And Butchered” is a delicious one-minute encouragement to keep your horns up. The US only bonus track “Show No Mercy” is not a Slayer cover. In general this is a nice uncomplicated death metal album; not special, yet brutal.