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Savage Deity – Decade of Savagery

savage deity – decade of savagery


I feel I am a seasoned Heavy Metal enthusiast. I have heard many bands over the years and sometimes feel sorry for the metal fans of today’s scene. ( No offense intended.) I say this because social media has made it so much easier to see and hear all the latest and or older bands in one sitting. I can look over 100 bands and make a judgment today. Imagine having to wait weeks to hear 2 or 5 bands.

Also, I know it is getting to be a cool retro thing to get cassettes and vinyl pressing of the band nowadays but imagine where that is all you had to choose from. Also, in this day and age, sound and production techniques have become so much better. Your bedroom has now become the Morrisound, Sunlight, Electric Lady Studios of today.

It is safe to say we can all agree on that moment when we open the packaging of our newest purchase, stare at the artwork, check the band photos, the ritual almost of what we look for, and the anticipation of what the band may sound like once that tape is placed in the deck or the record player.

So dear readers, If you wish to take a trip back to those days of yore, a Heavy Metal time machine if you like, I ask you to listen to the 2021 release of Savage Deity. I can say as a fact this is what metal was like in the late ’80s and early nineties. Imagine hearing Pestilence, Deicide, for the first time. Or how about ‘Leprosy’ era Death or even Discarnate with their now holy (for some) debut? I don’t know if the band made it intentional or the producer tapped into some hidden well of ancient Heavy Metal production techniques but listening to this brings me back to those days.

Even the band themselves and their songs are just played in such a way to evoke that sound of that time and when brought together with the production, well suffice to say I am glad for the memories given to me. Sorry for my meandering. Besides the trip down memory lane, much is to be said for the band and the music itself. Hailing from Thailand and being in existence since 2011 and with a host of releases under their belt they have built a name for themselves. It is hard to pinpoint just one thing but between production, the catchy and riff-laden songs, and also that cover art. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Savage Deity

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