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Leviathan – Tentacles Of Whorror

leviathan – tentacles of whorror


Only a few days ago my colleague Jeffrey reviewed the Leviathan/Crebain split CD and here’s already the next review of this blasphemous American one man project. ‘Tentacles of Whorror’ is the 2nd full length album of Leviathan and continues where the previous one ‘The Tenth Sub-level of Suicide’ ended. Leviathan didn’t loose any of it’s aggression, hate and grimness; actually ‘Tentacles of Whorror’ has become even more raw, hateful and complex than it’s predecessor.

Wrest of Leviathan is together with Malefic of Xasthur, Imperial from Krieg/Weltmacht and Azentrius of Nachtmystium one of the leading/most creative persons in the nowadays USBM underground scene, a scene which seems too grow stronger and stronger during the years. This new album of Leviathan will surely contribute in raising the US scene to a higher level.

People who are into ‘The Tenth Level of Suicide’, the 2 split-CD’s or the ‘Verrater’ compilation double-album; with old material on it, know what to expect from Leviathan, and will surely not be disappointed by this album, in my opinion it’s better, more complete, than all Wrest created before. For people who aren’t familiar with this band; Leviathan creates some of the most cruel and grim black metal with a perfectly fitting raw sound and distorted screams from the inner gates of hell. It reminds me to the early Norwegian black metal; where bands like Burzum and Darkthrone exerted their powers too a full arsenal of disciples. Yet Leviathan succeed in making more than just an eerie Norwegian black metal worshipping. It seems Wrest disposes of an inexhaustible source of creativity, he comes up with great and original riffs, which makes, together with an unorthodox, yet genius filling of the not unimportant background guitars and bass-riffs, all songs till a cold, complex yet brilliant completeness. At some moments the end of civilisation is nearby during the fast and chaotically explosions of pure hate and aggression, yet Wrest also knows how to create hypnotising reticent parts in which I can feel the beauty of pure desperation and loneliness.

Songs like ‘Cut, With the Night Into Mine Heart’ and ‘Tentacles of Whorror (revel the tyrant) are the best you can get in this genre. ‘Tentacles of Whorror’ is an essential release and I won’t be surprised if this one grows out till one of the mile-stones in the history of (US) black metal.