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Pyre – Ravenous Decease [EP]

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“AAAAARRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHH”…That’s how Pyre starts their death campaign with their debut “Ravenous Decease”. A very simple way to start an album, yet a very effective one. The vocals are drenched with the stench of death, causing an inhumane drift to stroll to the next cemetery and feast with the undead. Really, it grabs you immediately if you’re into Old School Death Metal. So, I just reviewed the first 5 seconds…Pyre from Russia plays Old School Death Metal with quite a Swedish sauce all over it, completed with a rasping impression of Martin van Drunen imitating L.G. Petrov or Matti Kärki. The faster riffs along with the drums have written “Dismember” all over it, without sounding like a cheesy knock-off. The riff driven track “Insanity” is my personal favourite, as the main riff itself is very memorable and the urge to pound hard along with drummer Kannib Maledik is present during the whole song. I can imagine the drumskins are worn-out after this song. On “Ravenous Decease” the guys from Pyre are showing a lot of potential as they are able to create tracks that attract the listener from the first till the last second. These guys are impressing the hell out of me! (Ricardo)