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Pyre / Entrapment – Pyre / Entrapment [Split]

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An interesting split by two supreme forces within the Old School Death Metal; Pyre from Russia and Entrapment from The Netherlands. I was very positive about Pyre’s previous effort, the “Ravenous Decease” EP, and longtime partner in crime Stijn was enjoyed by the debut album of Entrapment. This have to be a stunning release! Pyre continues there Swedish influenced Old School Death Metal like on the EP prior to this split, as the opening track “Destined to Die” could easily have been added to that album. A nice buzzsaw sound, cool vokills and what I like most about Pyre, good rhythm riffs. Second track “In the Chains” has a more punkish approach during the song. Let’s say a soirée between Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein and Nicke Andersson as it has a Misfits’ “Death Comes Ripping” vibe (although hearing the drums in the beginning, you could be screaming Venom’s “Waaaarheeeeaaaadddd!!!”). Entrapment kicks in with “Graves Disease” which lasts almost 8 minutes. A varied track (Doom parts, uptempo parts) and concerning to the sound less Swedish than Pyre, but still very rancid as it is a late 1980’s / early 1990s sound. If you have heard Entrapment before this will not be a surprise for you. The slight reverb on Michel Jonker’s vocals helps to enhance the filthy atmosphere. “Festering Slumber” is a more uptempo track with quite some D-beat and last only for 2:30 minutes. Nice job Pyre and Entrapment, this is a bone crushing split! Get it! (Ricardo)