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Pyre – Human Hecatomb

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Easily one of the best releases I’ve heard the last 12 months. I know, normally someone ends a review with a statement like that, but I’m ecstatic about “Human Hecatomb”! If you have read the previous issues of VM-Underground, you probably noticed my positive reviews on the debut EP and the split with Entrapment. And this Russian tank keeps on rolling and the goal is total annihilation. The recipe is still the same; the foundation is Old School Swedish Death Metal in the vein of Nihilist, Dismember and Entombed. HM2-Boss stuff…well, you know the drill. The finishing touch is the Asphyx connection (groove) and affinity with Autopsy. The cherry on the cake is the pounding rhythm section which keeps on going..and going…and going. Like on the EP, Pyre gives you the feeling they have to change instruments after a couple of songs because everything is totally worn out. Just listen to “Under the Death Reign”…Pyre is a war machine on the loose. Yet, in the same track they also have a certain melodic twist, a bit like Dismember’s “Dreaming in Red” at the end. Just to paint you a bloody picture. The songs are sticking in the mind and are recognizable after one spin, it’s hard not to scream along with “Last Nail in your Coffin” or to air drum once or twice. This is Quality! If you are a tape enthusiast, try to contact Reforestation Records from Russia and order this Old School Death Metal shell burst. Top-Notch album! (Ricardo)