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Perpeträtor – Altered Beast

perpeträtor – altered beast

Germany is alive in Portugal! Perpeträtor knows how to play their Teutonic Thrash and you can hear it as well on their second album “Altered Beast” released by Caverna Abismal Records. With members of Filii Nigrantium Infernalium in the ranks, you will understand this three-piece is experienced to the bone and their Kreator/Destruction-like Thrash is played with the right attitude. The only difference with the Teutonic scene are the vocals of Rick, one of the Filii Nigrantium Infernalium guys, as it is more towards a cleaner Bay Area kind of vocals than the more sharper vocals of Mille Petrozza, just to name an example. An album full of energy, fast riffs and howling guitars. I have to mention the song “Terminal Possession”, which has a great Macabre’s “Serial Killer” vibe going on, as well as the intro of the track has been obtained from a recording of Rick’s voice by Nuno Mordred at the Medical Assistance of Brussels Airport. Well, I bet that has a great story behind it… “Altered Beast” is not a modern classic but just a very enjoyable album which does the trick well. And what’s wrong with that? (Ricardo)