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Festering – From the Grave

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It’s starting to get really funny…and don’t misunderstand me, cause I fucking love it! The reincarnation of old school death metal bands that disbanded around the 20 years ago re-enter the pit to make some casualties. Do they really think the nowadays scene is crap, or do they think that now is the time to give a sign of life and join the success of metal nowadays? No one know, except themselves hehe. But as stated above, I couldn’t care less, especially not when the high level of an album like ‘From the Grave’ from Portuguese band Festering is the outcome! Only a split in the year 1992 saw the lights and that was the end of this band. But on this new one a true buzzsaw sound blows of the speakers and the vocals uplift the different osdm tracks. The only thing that could bother a bit is the quality of the drums in the mix, I’m sure they’ve could done a better job with that. But check out tracks as ‘Ascent of the Blessed’ and ‘Submerged to Emptiness’ and get the feeling of this old school shizzle! Oh ja, and the cover definitely is the right packing for this full-length. More than good in my opinion. (Fredde)