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Diabolical Messiah – Satan Tottendemon Victory [Re-release]

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Rata rata ratatatata. „Satan Tottendemon Victory“ starts with Machinegun drums and all destroying riffs letting you know Satan will win this battle for sure. Imagine Krisiun, Angelcorpse, Morbid Angel, coming together to safe ones ass with guerrilla tactics and you pretty much know what Diabolical Messiah will sound like. Here and there allies like Incantation and Immolation will help through difficult barriers just to strike more deadly. The pace is fast and makes the album running in a total of only 25 minutes. Every comrade is good at his job and well prepared for the battle. Maybe the some real genius is missing for the perfect strategy. If the goal is hack, slash and kill, Diabolical Messiah won. Brutal stuff guys. (DPF)