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Blood Rites – Demo 1 [Demo]

blood rites – demo 1 [demo]

Old School Black Metal from Chile on cassette, some people certainly know how to get my attention. Especially when it is played by experienced, yet unknown, individuals who have the intention to capture the majestic and occult art of the mighty Hellenic Black Metal scene. So do they succeed? Cause, in my experience, not many reaches the monumental level of early Rotting Christ, Necromantia and Varathron, although I really enjoy new acts like Cult of Eibon and Ithaqua.

But let’s leave Greece behind and  go back to Chile, because Blood Rites uses the Greek scene as a start-up and mixes it up with other Old School Black Metal influences. A song “Holy Hate” sure does have the Hellenic riffs and approach while “Mask of Damnation” has the accompanied keyboard atmosphere. On the other hand closing track “Dark Majestics” is more in the early Bathory and Hellhammer way, especially when you hear the primitive riffs. After these 3 tracks, I’m curious what the future will bring for Blood Rites. (Ricardo)