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Arkaik Excruciation – Cursed Blood of Doom

arkaik excruciation – cursed blood of doom

It seems Spain is claiming their Death and Black Metal ground more and more often. Acts like Sartegos, Teitanblood, Proclamation, Morbid Yell, Suspiral and also Arkaik Excruciation are getting more attention of underground aficionados. Sure, an act like Teitanblood is already quite familiar, but Arkaik Excruciation is new to the front. Savage and Blasphemed Black/Death Metal is Arkaik Excruciation’s game. So you will hear all kind of references of well-established worshippers of chaos like early Morbid Angel, Sadistic Intent, Necrovore and Sarcofago. When talking about lyrics you will get a bunch of happy thoughts like excruciating pain, suffering and some trivia about Agrat bat Mahlat, which is a demon in Jewish mythology. But I think you probably expected such kind of topics. At the end, it is a fun listen, but it does miss the “repeat”-factor. (Ricardo)