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Denial [MEX] – 11°22.4’N 142°35.5’E [EP]

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Two tracks are to discover on this EP with it’s strange name, more precisely location points that are used within navy and other stuff. And yes, anyone who listens this EP, and I say anyone, will bother to make the effort to search the internet what’s to find on this location! Well, I’ve found what’s located on these points…if you’re not into spoilers, then don’t read the answer in the end of my review. The band I’m talking about is Denial out of the land famous for their tequila and cactuses and they provide the listeners a true old school death metal sound with an uncouth and deep feeling to it. Fans of death metal with threatening drums, low vocals and a buzz that feels like a bulldozer is rolling over your head should definitely give this one a try! The dark edge and the good production make this a very great EP, so I’m curious about their next step which I hope will follow soon. Oh yeah, the location is in your mother’s ass…code name: The Challenger Deep (it truly exists)…but hey, no one should go…where no man should dare;-) This one’s RECOMMENDED and approved for old death metal fanatics!! (Fredde)