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Marduk – Frontschwein

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First things first…when you would approach me to talk about Marduk, I would start with albums like “Dark Endless”, “Those of the Unlight” and “Opus Nocturne”. Not because of any “I was there!” or “I saw them with 20 others in a dump somewhere”-crap, but more of the atmosphere, the vibe and most of all, the appealing songs. I simply just enjoy tracks like “Sulphur Souls” or “On Darkened Wings” more than a track of an album like “Wormwood”. And I have to admit I prefer Legion above Mortuus as I consider Legion as the right vocalist for the Black Metal Marduk was playing in those days. Or Dread in the more Death Metal days on “Dark Endless”. Still, I check out every album released by one of the most well-known dark acts, just to keep track but also a little bit of hope to get surprised by them. “Frontschwein” is the new effort and has a WWII theme with lyrics about North-African battles, panzer battalions and the stench of scorched flesh. Musicwise it’s simply Marduk with their trademark speed and melody (title track, “Afrika”), yet vary this with more darker slower paced riffs like on “Wartheland”. Personally I don’t think the slower paced riffs are the strength of Madruk. Although I’m not convinced by Mortuus and therefore still no fan of him, “Frontschwein” is an album that fits the discography of Marduk well. The fast tracks make sure of that. (Ricardo)